If you remember that one episode from Netflix’s “Black Mirror” series (called “Nosedive” with Bryce Dallas Howard) where the main actress was denied access to board a plane because her social credit score dropped too low because her attitude was deemed unacceptable, then you should now realize that Hollywood is not interested in entertaining you. They are sending you warnings from their father, Satan. It’s called predictive programming. So while you and your boo were all booed up with popcorn watching this episode, the rulers of this world were actually implementing the very technology you “enjoyed” watching.

What am I talking about? Lisa Haven of YouTube fame has released a video that outlines a very, very ominous development you should take time to research. The idea is that a central authority system will alert every plane, domestic and foreign, about whether to allow or deny someone access to board the plane. That means you and me!

The design for this system was just published last month (January 2019). I looked at the high level design diagram Lisa Haven showed in her video, and it is legit. (For those who don’t know, I have a long career in web-based technologies, including the technology described in this video). It likely uses a technology based on Microservices to relay most likely JSON-formatted messages from the main system to computers at the airport gate and airplane.


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